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    The main goal of Shift2MaaS is to support the uptake of new and integrated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms to enable seamless passenger experience
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    In collaboration with other Shift2Rail projects, Shift2MaaS seeks to remove the barriers which hinder the uptake of MaaS platforms
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    The developed solutions will be tested in three different European sites
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    Shift2MaaS will demonstrate the benefits of IP4 through pilots focused on shared mobility services and seamless passenger experience
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    Shift2Maas will provide support to the related Shift2Rail COHESIVE project

The Shift2MaaS project

Shift2MaaS aims to support the uptake of technologies developed in the Innovation Programme 4 (IP4) of Shift2Rail within the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) context and overcome the technical and non-technical barriers for the adoption of new and integrated mobility platforms. Shift2MaaS will demonstrate the benefits of IP4 through pilots focused on shared mobility services and seamless passenger experience, conducted in three different demonstration sites in Europe.



Shift2MaaS Workshop: Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem

On 18 May (14.30 - 16.30), the Shift2MaaS project will organise a workhop 'Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem' in collaboration with Shift2Rail. Goals of the workshop will be to understand the state-of-the-art of IP4 ticketing, expected outcomes at the end of IP4 programme, and plans for the future. Also, plans are to collect feedback from the Shift2MaaS partners-operators and other operators about ...

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Shift2MaaS pilots Shift2Rail Travel Companion app in Central-East Corridor

On 19 April 2021, the Shift2MaaS project kicked off its pilot in Central-East Corridor, testing the Shift2Rail Travel Companion app with real passengers. Over two weeks, participants will test the app in Brno (Czech Republic) and Frankfurt (Germany). The pilot is the last in a series of Shift2MaaS pilots taking place across Europe testing the Travel Companion app. During the pilot, ...

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Interview: Shift2MaaS & Shift2Rail sit down with Intelligent Transport Magazine

Shift2MaaS Project Coordinator Daria Kuzmina (UITP) and Shift2Rail JU Programme Manager Esther Bravo sat down with Intelligent Transport Magazine to talk about how Shift2MaaS and IP4 are seeking to advance seamless travel in Europe.  Read the full interview here!

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