The main goal of Shift2MaaS is to support the uptake the IP4 technology and to overcome the barriers for the adoption of new and integrated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms to enable seamless passenger experience.

To achieve this, the Shift2MaaS project has the following objectives:

1 Design the demonstrations for Shift2Rail IP4 technologies deployment in real environments.

2 Provide support to and build bridges with the related Shift2Rail COHESIVE project.

3 Guarantee a technical coordination interface with other Shift2Rail IP4 projects (in particular COHESIVE, CONNECTIVE and future related projects), to address interoperability between systems involved in the demonstrations.

4 Assess the impact of Shift2Rail IP4 technologies on the selected demonstration sites by designing an evaluation framework.

5 Analyse the impact of IP4 technologies on business models and on the behaviour of passengers.