Lisbon Metropolitan Area is the biggest agglomeration in Portugal, with a population of about 2.8 million people, in which residences and activities are highly centered around the city of Lisbon. Over recent decades private transport, mostly passenger cars, have become the most popular transport mode in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. With a motorisation rate of 433 passenger cars per thousand inhabitants and a modal share of private vehicles of over 50% (and public transport below 30%), there is now a strong political commitment to reverse these numbers and promote public transport. An important element of the strategy to address this challenge is the modernisation of public transport and its integration in digital transport networks.

Shift2MaaS activities in Lisbon are expected to cover all available modes of transport: from public transport to private vehicles and from shared bikes to car-sharing. The vision is to include a set of diverse transportation services and mobility systems encompassing multimodal travel in a diverse environment and with many transport modes.

The expectation of the Lisbon demonstration site is to explore how public and private transport can be integrated side-by-side within multimodal travel chains. The scenario proposed is to allow users to receive complete information about trip options, allowing them to be flexible in their travel decisions rather than to lead users to a specific mode of transport.

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